Dimensions Saga

The Dimensions Saga follows the life of a magic using dimension shifter named Kyrin. Kyrin is able to use portals to walk between dimensions, an ability that has saved her life repeatedly. Because magic in the dimensions has been deemed illegal, she's spent years of her life hiding from Consortiums, who are anxious to make her pay for her magic use.

It isn't until she accidentally stumbles into a dimension void of the drought and evils of the universe, that she finds some peace. Kyrin discovers a land known as Valhara, ruled by a good aligned King, Alric. Alric and his knights follow the will of their god and strive to uphold honor and civility.

From the author of Amazon's best-selling series, the Heku Series, comes a new medieval fantasy book full of action, adventure, romance, and humor. Follow Kyrin, Alric, Finn, and the gang as they struggle to come together to save Paragoy Dimension from perils of the other dimiensions.


(10/27/2015) Win a free, advanced copy of Accepting Evil, along with a cameo in the book. Find details here.

(10/27/2015) Accepting Evil is available on Amazon and Smashwords for pre-order. The release date is 11/24/15.

(7/21/2014) Alorian Ascension, book 8 in the Dimensions Saga is available for pre-order. It's release date is August 1, 2014.


Rising Nobility, book 7 in the Dimensions Saga will be available for pre-order soon. It's release date is set at 12/21/2013!

(8/9/2013)Return of the Encala is now available fore pre-order! Click here for ordering locations.

(6/13/2013) The Claiming of Carathis is now out! Click here for purchase locations.

(2/5/2103) T.M.'s Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series was chosen to be in Apple's "Breakout Book" section of iTunes!

(1/17/2013) T.M. has contracted out with voice actor Todd Curless to do an audio version of Dimension Shifter!

(1/4/2013) The Fall of a King is now out! Click here for purchase locations.

(12/08/2012) T.M. announced that Book 5 of the Dimensions Saga, "The Fall of a King" will be out in time for Christmas.